The Black Rose Story 

Black Rose Designs is a laser cutting and laser engraving designer and precision manufacturer of commission-based furniture & bespoke engineered designs that also offers commercial branding & marketing solutions.

We love to recreate traditional engraving and etching using modern advanced precision laser engraving machines, design software and modern and natural materials to create unique designs and products and one-off commission pieces.

Working in our studio workshop in Fife, we can walk you through the entire design process starting by creating your ideas on screen. We then show you the manufacturing and work area of the studio where we encourage the client to be a part of the 'live sample' process. At the end of the process you will have your very own unique piece of laser engraved engineered art - all without having left the building!

We partner with some of the most talented craftsmen and artists around use all locally sourced materials. We can create virtually anything, you, the client wants. Any pieces you find on our website be can be re-created, customised, and mixed and matched to any combination you desire, as well as personalised with important dates, names, images or logos.

Be inspired by our commissions and online shop. From there we can create anything you wish - the more challenging the better. Every piece can be customised to your specific requirements, whether that be size, material or design.

Please do come and visit our studio, just contact us to make an appointment. You are very welcome to bring your own pieces and materials, and, of course your own designs and ideas.


"Be Inspired. Nothing is Impossible"


About Keith

Black Rose Designs is the brainchild of Keith Gorman, who in 2008 gave up a successful 20 year career as a Civil Engineer to become an engineered artist, after a chance meeting with a tattooed New Yorker in a bar in Edinburgh.

Keith had worked all over the world as a Civil Engineer building roads, bridges and tunnels but had always been fascinated by the design aspects of his work and the fast evolution of technology and its uses within other arenas.

As one of the first people in the UK to use laser engraving machines, Keith has amassed a huge amount of experience and knowledge of laser engraving techniques and machines. He wanted to be able to pass this on, so has now also spent many hours mentoring with Re-employ Fife, and to enable this to happen, in 2018 Black Rose Designs evolved once again.

Black Rose Designs now has a design studio on top of the tallest hill in Fife, and on any given day, there will be an eclectic mix of designers and craftsmen up there with Keith working on amazing new projects - usually accompanied to the sound of very loud music.