Training Workshops


It all started when...

Keith had been mentoring at Re-employ, a social enterprise in Lochgelly, Fife that provides employment opportunities to unemployed disabled people, for a few years - but wanted to be able to teach in a practical sense which required more space.

When Dehra joined The Foundry, with her experience of delivering social media and marketing workshops to social enterprises, they decided to start offering Product Workshops to charities and social enterprises from the workshop at the Foundry.


How the Workshop runs

Workshops usually run from 10am - 3pm and can be for a maximum of 10 people.

A typical workshop will consist of a 2 hour practical workshop in the morning where Keith will take you through the design and development process from start to finish. This session will end with each person taking away their own piece of bespoke engineered art.

We then have lunch in our gallery and in the afternoon Dehra takes you through a 2 hour training workshop on either taking your product to market, social media marketing and branding, or website design and SEO.

We also have the facility to bring in a Graphic Designer who can run through logo designing and branding.


Our facilities

The Foundry is well set up with a practical training workshop and area, as well as a gallery space and facilities.

We are fully insured and we work with many councils and organisations to facilitate different types of workshops and events, for different ages and abilities of participants.

For more details on how to book a workshop for your organisation please contact us.